Reencounter with Jesus By Roberto Hernandez

Reencounter with Jesus

By Roberto Hernandez

  • Release Date: 2016-06-30
  • Genre: Christianity

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Go above and beyond religion and come face to face with the Lord!

What if you could break out of your Sunday-morning rut and experience real change in your life? Imagine being personally, intimately connected to the God of the universe and stepping into the abundant, purposeful, powerful life He has designed for you!

Roberto Hernandez, challenges us with the truth that we are either serving the Lord or serving the world; there is no in-between. Hernandez delves into Scripture and examines his own experiences with faith, religion, and the world to show us the practical steps of what it really means to walk with the Lord as well as the blessings we will receive if we do. He reveals to us how to use our few days on earth to fulfill Gods purpose and prepare for eternity.

In this book, youll learn:

Why one foot in and one foot out of the Kingdom will leave you out in the cold

How to see with spiritual eyes and listen to the right voice so you can avoid being deceived

The only way you can be sure never to fall into temptation

The best way to share about God with a lost world

How to learn from the past but not live in it

Why you need to think in terms of Gods economy if you want lasting success

You are missing out if you arent going all-in with God!

Begin your Reencounter with Jesus today and your life will be forever transformed!